Apologies to eventual readers of these “blogs.”  This “out-of-the-box” entry is a method suggested for creating tags that eventually will increase traffic to this web site.

I do encourage you to read what I have to say, and consider my products (which as of now consist of one (1) book, “Truth as Strange as Fiction.”)  I personally believe this book is out-of-the-box compared to other products on the market, and that you would personally be benefitted by reading it.  You may not prefer the style, but I think that if you will make the effort to glean its content, you will come out ahead. It’s available at amazon.com, both in paperback and as a Kindle edition.

My final reference to out-of-the-box is just a gratuitous entry to emphasize the keyword.  Sorry!

Experimental Filler

Life is ephemeral.  At least from our perspective.  I suppose, to a fly or a single cell, life would be even more so, but I don’t have their perspective.  How much of our thoughts and actions and decisions are driven by our sense that we don’t have the time to pursue a thorough solution?

I’m calling this experimental filler since I’m really just rambling and experimenting with the web site to see how things turn out.  But even so, it’s worth thinking about.