About This Site

dearth – scarcity
related to “dear,” having great value
earth is a part of dearth
dearthword – a rare, scarce, valuable word
earthward – sonant concept contained in dearthword
the result – words of great value, for the earth today

I won’t deny it.
Who wouldn’t appreciate more ability to touch the world?
I have had a number of inquiries about a
“Donate” button, a button that doesn’t exist on my website.
Even though I could give you heart-wrenching stories of the pain, agony, fear experienced by my loved ones, and seemingly endless trips to the hospital and doctors’ offices, all due to the emergence of multiple myeloma (a blood and bone cancer) in my system sometime around the end of 2005. Ironically, it was the pain of an injury playing ping pong of all things, crashing into a jutting-out part of the wall at a Christian men’s retreat. By January of 2006 the pain was so severe that I went to a doctor who ordered x-rays and discovered multiple bone fractures in my ribs. Radiation and chemo-therapy followed. By July of 2006 things looked reasonably well in control, and I was on a maintenance regimen of dexamethasone (a steroid) to try to keep the disease at bay. Then, in August of 2011 it roared back with a vengeance, requiring surgery to my spine to cut out tumors from the cancer and remove nerve cells so that the middle of my back can now feel nothing, bringing both full and partial disability from work through the end of 2012. Even now, we’re still fighting it, and the next breakthrough we’re hoping for has not yet come.

Given all that, I could plaster my site with “Donate” buttons and beg you for your support.

Not interested.
If you want to donate do me and yourself a big favor and go to Amazon and buy my products and tell everyone you know about them. If you end up not liking them, it’s a donation. If they bring joy and hope and blessing to your life, it’s a serendipity. Just go to the Products page and select what looks interesting by clicking a link to go to Amazon. Or just select everything. That’s a great donation.
Thanks for “listening.”