insight in application


This post is added to validate the insight keyword for increasing access to my viewpoints by incorporating keywords with high potential. The use of the keyword is not invalid. Our eyes typically give us sight that is outward. This may, in fact, be useful as one facet of sight that is inward. Finding the truth, the inward nature, the intuitive aspect is of paramount importance – why else would we attempt to present answers?

Insight does not often come easily. What comes easily is habit, inertia, rashness, following the herd, partial understanding. we find ourselves in combat with various forms of “proof”: by circular reasoning, by appeal to authority, by threat, by length of argument, by proof-biased models. The list can be extended indefinitely.

It requires insight to sift through the noise. Hopefully, although its application to my viewpoints may not be complete or even pervasive, there will be enough of it to give you, the reader, at least one “Aha” moment, when at least part of the fog lifts. This, in essence, is my goal.

Experimental Filler

Life is ephemeral.  At least from our perspective.  I suppose, to a fly or a single cell, life would be even more so, but I don’t have their perspective.  How much of our thoughts and actions and decisions are driven by our sense that we don’t have the time to pursue a thorough solution?

I’m calling this experimental filler since I’m really just rambling and experimenting with the web site to see how things turn out.  But even so, it’s worth thinking about.