Finding and Presenting a Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

Like it or not, everyone comes to important issues with a different perspective. But can we somehow see beyond our default perspective, clarifying and expanding on the underlying theme? The goal at dearthword is two-fold: to honestly pursue multiple perspectives that lead to truth, and to present different perspectives to you that, hopefully, will lead to truth.

Finding a different perspective, at the least, requires discipline, self-doubt, optimism, flexibility, and a willingness to change. To a great extent, restlessness is implied. This can’t be all there is! What happens when the rind is peeled off? Is this an acorn, or is it an oak tree? What of caterpillars and butterflies? Sufficient monkeys, given sufficient time, would indeed produce the works of Shakespeare – but in that context, it would have no more meaning than the next set of random letters. So what is the contrast of meaning, of communication, with regards to randomness and noise? Is there a message that we’re missing?

Hopefully, you will recognize my attempt to communicate with you. I will endeavor to share with you profound insight, rather than random noise. This may require you to seek a different perspective; it most likely will require me to present a different perspective. Grapple with what I say. Try to digest it. I hope it will be for you as honey from the honeycomb. I would hope you find at least an unexpected morsel. Be tenacious. Hear what I say, regard what I say, slow to reject, slow to deny. I welcome you.

Experimental Filler

Life is ephemeral.  At least from our perspective.  I suppose, to a fly or a single cell, life would be even more so, but I don’t have their perspective.  How much of our thoughts and actions and decisions are driven by our sense that we don’t have the time to pursue a thorough solution?

I’m calling this experimental filler since I’m really just rambling and experimenting with the web site to see how things turn out.  But even so, it’s worth thinking about.