A Glut of Different Ideas

a glut of different ideas

It may seem quite strange in the midst of a dearth of words to find a glut of different ideas. But the concept of dearthword is not to remain in need, but rather to fill the need with sufficient content to reach a point of plenty. Of course, if this were filled with “same old ideas” there would not be much use of filling up the discourse. In the overwhelming data storm building around us, there is so much noise that culling the valuable becomes a full-time job, often futile.

If nothing else, different ideas provide a needed contrast. Again, our discourse attempts to find that contrast, but does not promise 100% efficiency. If we opine on world events, on morality, on probability, on believability, on the unlikely but possible, on perspective, on belief systems, or any of the other myriad threads that confront humanity, the attempt will be to find the fresh and the unique and the true.

We hope to incorporate different ideas in all that we touch here. Why? Because otherwise we would be just the same as any other. How boring.

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